7 Lucrative Location Independent Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere – Janine In the World

If you’ve been dreaming of quitting your job to travel the world, here are 7 viable options for earning money as you go. Turn these jobs into a side hustle, or a career to fun your digital nomad lifestyle! | digital nomad jobs | location independent jobs | work from home | make money online | #digitalnomad #locationindependent

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Are are car expenses deductible from my taxes as a business owner? Let’s Find out!

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you probably use your car to go to meetings, events, conferences and more– but can you deduct your car when tax time comes around? Here is a tax tip that you’re going to love! An accountant shares all about car expenses as tax write offs and really digs into whether or not your car is tax deductible! #accounting #bookkeeping